Client Aion Origine // Discord [Eng]

On vous donne le lien pour pouvoir jouer avec nous !
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Client Aion Origine // Discord [Eng]

Message par Zeynohru » 15 août 2020 21:48

Hello to all,

I provide you the link to be able to join us and play with pleasure and happiness on our server.
:map: Aion Origine 2.7 :nego: Aion Origine 2.7

For those who have a weaker connection I cut the file in 7 : 01 02 03 04 05 06 07

You then need to "glue them back" using Xtremsplit ,you just have to check the box on the far right "Paste" and then click on S and select the 1st part, click on D and select the destination folder (desktop or a file) and finally click on Paste, uncheck the box Control the integrity of the files, now you do not 'you just have to extract the game!

For voices in Jap Aion-Japanese-Voice-Pack

Just extract it to Aion \ L10N \ [*** VOTRE CODE DE LANGUE ***] \ sons.

In case of problem, join us on discord or make a post ici .